With over 20 years of experience, I know many different massage techniques and when each one is appropriate. Here is a list of some of the services I can provide.

Deep Tissue
A thorough, yet relaxing technique, deep tissue addresses knots and snags resulting from injury or chronic over-use of muscles and joints.
Sports massage speeds lymphatic recovery by flushing out waste products from muscle and allowing fresh blood to come in to enhance recovery and therefore performance.
Sports Stretching
Tailored to your body's needs, active and/or passive stretching will help release over-worked, bound muscles, increasing range of motion and decreasing chance of injury.
Gentle, assisted, resisted stretching designed to isolate over-firing muscles so they get the indication they need to release, which rebalances the tension in the local area and on the joints and in the muscle group area.
Shiatsu & Acupressure
Interact with the body's energetic and physical systems to remove stagnation and blockages to rebalance the body, relieve pain and create an enduring sense of well-being. They can address visceral as well as musculoskeletal conditions.
Cupping & Gua Sha
Cupping with glass or plastic cups utilizes negative pressure of suction to stretch muscles and fascia and bring waste products to the surface where the body's skin and lymphatic systems can more readily dispose of them. Gua Sha is an ancient form of gentle yet persistent skin sliding using a liniment and rounded-edge tool. Strongly applied, these techniques can treat musculoskeletal imbalances while gentle application is effective for heading off onset of the common cold.
Relaxation & Energy Work
Every form of bodywork I do includes components of relaxation and energy work. Everyone leaves their sessions feeling more relaxed with an enduring sense of well-being. If you would prefer your session be entirely energy-focused, I can tailor it for you as well.

Supplementary/Complementary Services

Herbal & Nutrition
I have studied herbal remedies for over 20 years, and have added extensive study of Chinese herbal medicine. I have also practiced and studied nutrition and food therapy for 20 years. I have been professionally making diet and herbal recommendation since 2000. I can create personalized nutrition or diet protocols to help you lose weight, enhance energy and rebalance your body. I have been a private chef for two years and can share recipies, show you how to cook and store or freeze meals.
Home Stretching Protocols
Drawing from my martial arts and Pilates training, as well as my personal yoga practice, I have a deep understanding of the body both in action and at rest. I can create a stretching protocol for you to help you relax and deeply stretch over-firing muscles and increase range of motion, flexibility and function.